One cool WhatsApp hack for voice notes

Voice notes on WhatsApp can be a really useful feature when you’re tired of typing or just don’t have the time to type. Yet, many people do not use this feature frequently simply because not everyone carries their earphones all the time and playing out some confidential voice notes in public could be embarrassing.

Now, imagine, you’re in a public place and have just received an important voice note on WhatsApp. But you don’t have your earphones or your Bluetooth handy. Fret not! There’s this very simple hack that you can use to ensure that you’re able to listen to the voice note in private!

Simply play the voice note and immediately hold the phone to your ear as you would do for a phone call. Viola! This will activate the proximity sensor and the WhatsApp voice note will begin playing on the built-in speaker as if you’re on a call. Thus, you can listen to the voice note in private!

What’s more! WhatsApp has announced the launch of one more new feature for communicating via voice messages. The new Consecutive Voice Message will enable users to listen to voice notes consecutively without having to tap on each voice note. Once you begin listening to a voice note, the next one will begin playing automatically. This can be very useful when you don’t have the time to type or are on the move and want to communicate quickly!

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